We open the church year the first Sunday after Labor Day with a water communion, where everyone is invited to bring a sample of water collected from places they visited during the summer. This water from all over is an appropriate symbol, for we draw our spiritual sustenance from the deep wells of Christian, Jewish, Unitarian, Universalist, pagan, Buddhist, humanist and other religious traditions, and lift up the right of individual conscience in the big questions of life. Along the way, we have a lot of fun, from the Halloween Party to the Winter Solstice Service to the Christmas Pageant to an all-church picnic in June. We have a very active Sunday School, adult choir, a subscription music series, a monthly coffeehouse and other concerts, lay-led services or guest preachers, and opportunities for service and spiritual growth. Our church building is the oldest still standing in Wakefield, and our congregation was gathered in 1813. We are a strong and vibrant community of people who gather together, accepting that we may have different views and beliefs. We grant each individual the chance to have input into who we are and how we relate to the larger world. While only Members vote and hold certain elected positions, all are welcomed as part of our church family and are encouraged to join committees, pledge, and take part in all church activities. Lay-led services include our traditional Opening Sunday Water Communion, Fall Music Service, Day of the Dead Celebration, Thanksgiving Service, Holiday Music Service, and Christmas Eve. Other services will be led by Guest Ministers or Speakers or by congregation members presenting services provided by the Church of the Larger Fellowship.

Worship Service details Our church does not have a “creed,” and in fact encourages each person to find the truth for him or herself. Yet we broadly endorse a vision of life which we articulate in this statement said at the service every Sunday: Love is the doctrine of this church The quest of truth is its sacrament And service is its prayer. This is our covenant – To dwell together in peace, To seek knowledge in freedom, To serve humanity in fellowship, To the end that all souls shall grow into harmony with the Divine. Our services are held at 10:30 AM on Sundays from the Sunday after Labor Day until the second week in June. The services feature traditional Unitarian Universalist hymns, readings from literature and sacred texts, choral works and a sermon. Our choir is always open to new members! Worship services usually last about an hour and are followed by coffee and fellowship downstairs. We have an archive of recent sermons available for reading as well. A nursery is available downstairs for children under three. From Three through Junior High, a religious education program is provided. Though the children are always welcome in upstairs church, the R.E. program has its own worship service downstairs. Several times a year the children sit in for all or part of the upstairs service.

Our Church Community also offers many opportunities for concerned involvement with others. See Community Involvement.